MitreBond is an instant bonding low viscosity adhesive to give greater bond strength on porous surfaces. MitreBond can be applied to a wide variety of materials including – MDF, Timber, Glass, Ceramics, Aluminium, Chipboard, Perspex, Steel, Porcelain and some plastics.

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MitreBond has many uses, it can be used to glue Eulithe strips under the countertop and behind the mitred edge, fix bowed upstands in place, melamine end strips, cornice and pelmet, door trims and many more.

Apply drops along one side of the joint and then apply MitrePen or MitreBond Aerosol Activator to the other side. Quickly bring the two sides into line and firmly press the joint together. Hold for 10 seconds and it’s complete.

MitreBond only needs one or two drops per joint. A 50g bottle can be used to bond around 100 joints


  • Mitrebond is quick and clean and sets in 10 seconds

  • No mixing or heating

  • Use one or two drops per joint – a 50g bottle is sufficient for 100 cornice joints

  • Result is a very clean and tight joint every time

  • Apply to: MDF, Timber, Glass, Ceramics, Aluminium, Chipboard, Perspex, Steel, Porcelain, Some Plastics

  • Use on Cornice & Profile Mitre Joints, Melamine end strips, door trims, picture frames, MDF skirting joints etc.




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