Unika ColorFill is a sealant specifically designed for the installation of mitered laminate worktop joints.

ColorFill Product Photo


Designed for the installation of mitred countertop joints, it bonds the joint together, seals against water and domestic detergents and is also exactly color matched to the countertop, making the finished joint almost invisible.

You can use ColorFill on Laminate worktops and flooring.

In addition to joints ColorFill will repair scratches and chips in laminate and melamine surfaces


  • 12 Colorfill colors have been specifically developed to match the popular brands of laminate across North America
  • It has been scientifically formulated and tested to resist moisture, detergent and other household cleaners.
  • It will withstand heat and direct sunlight
  • ColorFill requires no mixing and is easy to apply in handy 25g tubes sufficient for one countertop joint
  • ColorFill can guarantee that when used correctly there will be no joint ingress

download files in additional languages from The documentation page

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