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Unika ColorFill is the original laminate countertop joint sealant and repairer. Designed for the installation of mitred countertop joints, it bonds the joint together, seals against water and domestic detergents, and is color matched to the countertop making the joint nearly invisible.
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ColorJoint is a new color matched adhesive and sealant for laminate and compact laminate countertop joints. ColorJoint is the latest generation, high-performance, toughened polymer technology. It is a super strength formula, tougher and faster curing.
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MitreBond is an instant bonding low viscosity adhesive to give greater bond strength on porous surfaces. MitreBond can be applied to a wide variety of materials including — MDF, Timber, Glass, Ceramics, Aluminum, Chipboard, Perspex, Steel, Porcelain, and some plastics.
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MitrePen is a rapid and precise super glue activator. It helps produce clean, tight, and thin joints instantly and with no need for clamping.
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TopSeal is a new color matched adhesive and sealant for backsplashes, shower panels, and more. TopSeal is the latest generation, high-performance toughened polymer technology.
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